Monday, January 17, 2011

toddlers are scary!

my little boo has officially entered the toddler stage! and she scares the HELL out of me! all of a sudden she has decided to climb the stairs...stand up two steps up...and try to walk down. of course she takes one step and falls to the bottom. did i mention she does this all in a blink of an eye, while i turn my back on her for 1 minute?!? not only that...she bee-lines for any toy left lying around by the boys, dumps any cup left on the edge of a table, and makes her way to the computer to turn the printer on & off 50+ times. its time to buy more babygates :)


  1. I can so relate having gone through this stage/ and still going through it/ 6 times!!! Love them at this age but you can't take your eyes off them for 30 seconds. :)

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    Lisa xoxo

  2. Following you from the Crunchy Beach Mama FB hop! :)

  3. Hi Johanna! It's getting harder and harder to turn my back too! Our problem lately is things he finds on the ground to put in his mouth. Things apprently only his little eyes can see because I'm always saying now How did you find that?! :)