Wednesday, March 9, 2011

fuzzibunz update!

well...i have been gradually making the switch from disposable diapers to fuzzibunz cloth diapers! i started by just using the fuzzibunz during the day, and then just using a disposable diaper for bedtime/ overnight. just by doing that, i have saved lots of money & diapers! the fuzzibunz are great...however, if you have the money, i would recommend you buying them brand new. i bought 4 gently used on ebay...and while they still work fine, the fleece layer looses its ability to wick away moisture, the more times its washed. next, is inserts... when you buy a fuzzibunz diaper new, you get 1 insert. i have found that you need ALOT more than that! another good purchase would be two wet large one for home and one travel size for the diaper bag. these bags are completely leak-proof and washable...when it is time to wash your diapers, you just throw the bags in too. fuzzibunz sells the wet bags on their website, but you could even find handmade ones or cheaper non-name-brand ones.  i have been washing with rockin' green cloth diaper detergent... ...and while it may be a little pricey, one bag equals something like 95 loads, and it smells AWESOME! so in conclusion, i am going to keep on doing the fuzzibunz thing...even though, my mom insists im crazy for wanting to wash poopy diapers :)

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