Friday, April 15, 2011

moving the hive & being stung...

on tuesday, husband, sister, brother-in-law and myself packed up the minivan for an hour drive to pick up my new hive! i found it listed on craigslist...the woman selling it had lost interest in beekeeping. in preparation for the move i read up on "moving a hive" and watched lots of youtube videos of other people doing it, so i felt almost confident...we got there about 6:15 pm and the bees were all in the hive, which was exactly what we wanted. i duct taped the exits and strapped the hive together. my 2 strong men CAREFULLY carried the hive and all 10,000 honey bees to my van. then came the hour + drive back home with a car full of bees. my poor sister and her husband were such good sports.

the woman i bought the hive from had it put together some of you can tell from the pictures. she has the inner cover, in between 2 shallow honey supers. she was not using a screened ipm bottom board, and she had not managed/ inspected the hive at all from last summer until now. i know that some people are thinking i may have inherited a headache (which may prove to be true). BUT, i did check the bees for signs of infection or illness (i did not see any), i got everything for cheap, all the hive componets are from brushy mountain bee farm (so it's quality equipment), and i plan on using this hive as my learning/ test hive.

yayyyy we did it!
because i really have an obsessive thing, i want everything to match (paint color) AND because i want to set the hive up with all the correct componets and equipment... i want to take all frames out of this hive (including the brood supers) and transfer them to my empty hive that i have all set up and ready to go. i know pretty ambitious...

on wednesday (the next day) i was stung for the 1st time! totally my fault...i was in a great rush to set up an entrance feeder with medicated syrup. i didnt realize it, but i approached the hive from directly infront of the entrance (and i was only wearing leggings on my bottom half AND i didnt have my smoker) guard bees came right out and stung me on the leg...i also should of left the hive alone for a week after i moved them, giving them time to adjust to the move. but i was EXCITED and couldnt help it! SO... next week i will try to do better! i will adhear to all safety measures and procedures...wish me luck :)

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  1. How exciting! Man I would have LOVED to find someone who lost interest in beekeeping and was selling their stuff off cheap. I really would like to add a few hives next year to our 1. But it seems everyone wants to sell their used stuff at practically new prices.
    I am building our own extractor this year from some nline plans thanks to the above trend I have found in this area. Should be interesting to say the least. lol