Wednesday, August 3, 2011

barn cats...

i am a definate "cat" person...i like dogs, think they are adorable...but i LOVE cats. at any giving time in my life, i have had at least 2 cats. right now we have 4...all were rescues or given to us free. meet our cast of mouse hunters!
our newest baby...this is "ginny"...she was found in a pickle bucket, left in a parking lot! orange cats seem to have the best personalities, and this little one is so sweet!
this is "fudge"! he is a maine coon mix, the most loveable out of the bunch...although, not as smart as the others. but, we love him all the same.

this is "salem"...she is MY not supposed to have favorites, but she's mine! salem only comes to me for loving... she is also the best hunter, she catches at least a mouse a day! i have a thing for black cats and she is my baby!
this is "albus"...he is the most aloof of all the kitties... and my husbands favorite! poor alby is not a huge fan of the kids...but he does like an occasional scratch behind the ears and a warm spot to curl up on.  

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